Demolition: Living Room (Apt 1)

We got back from our “celebration we’ve finally bought a house after three years” lunch with our Realtor about 3 p.m. Started in Apartment 1 (of five), which is also where our Dallas salvage is. While that made complete demolition impossible, the tub did make a nicer nail-pulling station than the floor once Don had a sheet of plywood paneling pulled off.

Salvage in living room

Late last week, we were showing our next door neighbor the marble salvage, and he asked whether we had plans to keep the glossy red paneling with the attractive piece of trim to cover the seam between the 8 foot piece and the filler at the top of the room.

Living Room North Seam between panels

Um, no. I joked that that was why we bought the place, which makes me wonder: What feature does this house have that I love and don’t want to change? It’s not the floors. Or the tubs. Not the house color. Not the appliances. Not the dead trees. Maybe the creamy yellow tile in the main kitchen with a little racer strip? (But we are talking about reconfiguring the kitchen and moving walls, so it would have to be saved and reinstalled.)

yellow and black kitchen tile

So Don pulled paneling and ceiling tiles from the north side of the room. We also have a mercury-filled thermostat I need to figure out who will take off our hands.

Living Room West (Before)Living Room Northwest (Before)

I pulled nails, stacked waste, swept up,* and documented.

This is the condition of a small sample of plaster we uncovered. It looks a bit like the state of Arkansas would have looked if Missouri hadn’t snagged the bootheel and the Texans hadn’t gotten their share, too.**

Living Room Wall Covering and PlasterArkansas

The room was apparently covered in this material (below) sometime before the paneling went up. It is fiendishly hard to photograph, but is thickish and the striations are built into the paper. It doesn’t feel like the modern Anaglypta we’ve installed, but who knows what Anaglypta would feel like 80 years later.

Living Room Wall Covering (Under Paneling)

This is what was underneath the paneling around the chimney. Adhesive and no sign of interesting tilework or brick.

Living Room Chimney (After)

This is what we’re putting in our neighbor’s dumpster. (He’s doing his kitchen, and offered us the use of his dumpster.)

Dumpster Ready

And this is what we did for the half of the room that isn’t filled with salvage. The chimney is uncovered, ceiling panels are down, the paneling is gone, and the closet is about 80% removed. Not bad for day one.

Living Room Northeast (After Demo) Living Room West (After Demo) Living Room Northwest (After Day 1 Demo) Living Room North (After Demo)

*I do like a contractor who leaves the worksite broom clean at day’s end.

**Arkansas is a bit odd in shape. As the Encyclopedia of Arkansas explains: “Generally, Arkansas is bordered on the north by Missouri; on the east by Tennessee and Mississippi; on the south by Louisiana; and on the west by Texas and Oklahoma, but that is not entirely correct. Arkansas is also bordered on the east by Missouri and the south by Texas, but parts of the state are also north of Missouri, east of Mississippi, north of Oklahoma and west of Texas.”

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