We own the house!

Fairly uneventful closing this morning.  I signed lots of papers and produced a check and driver’s license.  Don also produced a driver’s license and signed somewhat fewer papers.  I hear that the lender had not yet authorized payment so the sellers went home empty handed, for now.  (We went home after exchanging pleasantries, rather than stick around to watch them sign.)

We did get one clue about the house at closing.  I read the exceptions to the title insurance, and asked if they had a photocopy of the plat of record so they went off and made me a copy.  We learned that the street’s name was originally Oak with an alley behind.  I’ll have to look at the scale and see if the alley disappeared or if it became a street. (Might explain why I couldn’t find the street’s current name in the 1920 census.  It had changed by 1930, though.)  I forgot to ask if they had an abstract of title — maybe we could call the title company next week.

Our Realtor took us to lunch at James at the Mill.  Delicious.  (It just received 4 diamonds from AAA.  Again.)  I had meatloaf, which was presented like a filet mignon, complete with bacon wrapped around it, layered on spinach and mashed potatoes.  Warm chocolate cake.  Also delicious. Per its website, “The Historic Johnson Mill dat[es] back to 1835 and was reconstructed in 1867 after being burned during the Civil War.  The modern renovation of the mill was designed by world renowned architect James Lambeth.”  He also designed the restaurant itself from scratch for his daughter and son-in-law, and it is beautiful.  (They are also associated with Ella’s Restaurant at Carnall Hall on campus.)

Then, we went off to the house to see how much demolition we could do in two and a half hours.

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