Buying Update 6

Yesterday afternoon we got the HUD statement and instructions for how big a certified check to bring to closing at 10:15 a.m. Friday.  (Hint: it would have paid in full the mortgage on either of our first homes.)  I established (again) that, although we have different last names, we are married and should take as joint tenants by the entirety.  (That’s the most useful property law fact I gleaned from taking the Arkansas bar exam this winter.  Well, I also re-learned some useful things for genealogical research, but, trust me, I am not who you want to handle a property deal.  I am certainly not handling my own.)  I got the go-ahead to take Friday off.  I have something to do for the water company to avoid making another security deposit — I had better call Don and see what it is.

Don has bought a carpet cutter, dust masks, hasps (for padlocking the unoccupied apartments) and contractor bags.  He’s found our pry bars, furniture refinisher (for the stairs) and work gloves.  We still need to get batteries for our cameras since I want to document more of each step this go-round.  And I think we’re borrowing my dad’s space heater since the heater in the “living room” apartment is broken.  We’re Don is lining up people to watch the Little One, perhaps combined with Christmas tree hunting on my parents’ Hill.

I think we have a plan of attack for the weekend, which will be focused on exploration and getting to know our house. First, try stripping a little of the stairs, then pull some paneling, and start pulling carpet in the “living room” apartment.  Although we should focus on the basement so that we have a good workshop, that will be easier when another tenant leaves.  (He and his stuff should be out by Monday, leaving us with one tenant.)

I think we’re buying us a house for Christmas.

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