Buying Update 5

One of the current owners stopped by our apartment on Friday. They are still working out issues with one of the two tenants, but I think they will have it dealt with by the time we close this Friday. I hope so — I really, really don’t want to inherit a delinquent tenant.

The current owner likes the colors we chose for the exterior. (I do, too.)  These photos are from the Friday after Thanksgiving.  The painters’ progress has slowed since then due to cooler weather.  The trim (which looks white) is a light, light green, with a dark green along the crown of the windows and the board running across the bottom of the house.  (All three greens came from the same paint chip strip.)  The red is being used only on the doors.  I think.

Nov 28 2007 Exterior11282007-ext-door.jpg11282007-detail-copy.jpg

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