Stalking houses in Fayetteville, Arkansas (Part 1)

We’ve been looking at houses in Fayetteville since June 2005. A year before my dream job even existed. It’s a wonder our real estate agent is still speaking to us, let alone showing us houses. We’re not really that picky — we bought our orphan Italianate after looking for one evening at a total of three houses.  We just can’t/shouldn’t buy until we sell the orphan or find someone to adopt her.  There are a lot of houses that got away from us in that time. These are two of them.

The first house we ever saw with Rick was this yellow turn-of-the-century farmhouse on Prospect. It was a relo (presumably Wal-Mart), big, square, and had languished on the market a while. It had a large kitchen, and three more large rooms on the first floor (including a library!), anaglypta, a laundry room upstairs, and nice sized bedrooms and nice outdoor space. We could have bought it for $300k (garage not included), but we didn’t know we’d be moving down south a year later. Well, at least, it introduced us to Rick.


Last summer, we were hopeful we’d get to buy this house in the Washington Willow historic district. A Queen Anne FSBO that had been on the market for a year, it had a huge, peaceful, wooded lot, lots of room inside with plenty of nooks and crannies, a spring house(although there was no spring), and a kitchen as big as our Kensington kitchen. Alas, she sold before we did.


And there are so many more. The Smiths’ shingle style, the Canterbury Brady Bunch house, the pee house on Lafayette, the Queen Anne right by Wilson Park, the National Register Jordan House smack dab in the middle of a 20-year-old subdivision (it had been in the same family for most of its existence), the red house on the National Register in Washington Willow, the Fulbright house on Mount Nord (man, I had a crush on that one — Senator Fulbright’s mother, Roberta Fulbright, lived there from 1906 until her death in 1953, and was an incredibly powerful woman in NW Arkansas in her own right), the two story stone house we tried to buy while Don was on the road … I’ll save the rest for a post (or two or three) for another day.

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