Window Shopping: Art Deco Lighting

In honor of Cyber Monday, I started to make a page of links for lighting, but discovered that it turned into a post, instead.

Don has a pair of Art Deco sconces that he got from his grandparents’ house in Lansing, Illinois. He saved them this summer from being sold in his sister’s garage sale.  I guess when he de-installed them, he replaced the sconces with a new pair from a big box store, and packed the old ones in the new boxes. And left them in his mom’s garage for ten+ years. His sister has been helping clear out the garage, and was about to put them out for sale, when Don looked inside the boxes and realized what they were. It was certainly fortuitous that he was in Lansing that weekend, since he’s usually in Arkansas. They’re in our storage unit now, or I would post a picture of them.

Vintage Lighting: I swear this pair of circa 1920 sconces and a five-arm chandelier match Don’s sconces. $1600 for all three. (Don thinks they’re different.)

Slipper Sconce

Here’s another pair for $695 from PW Antique Lighting that are a pretty close match, too.

And here’s a five light PW is selling as a stand-alone for $895. five-light.jpg

Oh, dear. I can see that our renovation is going to be more expensive this time. What we save on labor we will spend on original fixtures. But won’t it be fun? I’m thinking about an Art Deco guest room maybe. With Don’s grandparents’ waterfall bedroom suite. Yum.

Maybe we can stop at our local favorite for antique lighting, Long Ago Antiques on Huntsville Road, soon.  I haven’t looked there for Art Deco (or even Arts & Crafts) lighting, but they had a lot of lights that would have looked perfect in our Italianate.

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