Freecycling, anyone?

I’ve gotten the hang of buying things from Chicago’s Craig’s List and even Dallas.*  Our stove at the old house was a Craig’s List buy, and the dishwasher was a local EBay buy.  (Mostly, I entice my husband with pictures, and he does the negotiations), but there are two other options in NW Arkansas that I haven’t tried: Freecycling and KURM’s dial-a-trade.

I haven’t done Freecycling myself (yet), but this comment from Jennifer at Tiny Old House made me think about it. And Google it. We do have a Freecycle group here in NW Arkansas. (Come to think of it, a fellow I used to work with told me about Freecycle last fall.) And, they’re mentioned in this Fayetteville Free Weekly article about dumpster diving as a resource. I have a feeling I’ll be watching the list for a while to see what I think.  Last week, I saw several old fridges find homes.  Might be a way to deal with the many fridges that are coming with our house.

And then there’s KURM’s dial-a-trade. Until recently, I thought that the radio show’s host’s was named Kerm (as in Kermit the Frog), and that he had an awfully long shift since the show is on mornings and evenings.  However, K-U-R-M are the call letters, and it is essentially classified ads on the radio. I could listen to them for hours. Very relaxing. (Except when the host gets irritated with someone trying to sell more than one firearm or any firewood at all. Why one firearm, but no firewood? I don’t know.  Probably has something to do with the Second Amendment.) KURM even broadcasts livestock auctions, umm, live.  And one of their former announcers has been in the news lately for leading an unusual double life.  (In another small world coincidence, this same former announcer was a pastor at the Hessville Baptist Church in Hammond, Indiana – not too far at all from Don’s first house.)

*We haven’t bought anything from the Fayetteville Craig’s List, but the listing activity is gradually picking up so I’m hopeful there will be something for us soon.

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