Adventures in Salvaging, Part 5: Dallas Craig’s List

We missed out on salvaged quartersawn oak floors on Don’s pre-Thanksgiving Chicago salvage run (at $3 or $4/square foot) or plainsawn oak for $2.50 plus $300 for delivery. Fear not, we wound up with 1800 square feet of clear grade salvage oak for $1.60/square foot from Dallas instead.  We bought the flooring Saturday after Thanksgiving when we were visiting family there. Some largish amount is quartersawn, although his picture (left, below) is of plainsawn. (I think I will be picking out quartersawn for the living room.) Denailed and bundled. (Sanded once.) We don’t need* it all, but I bet we can find homes for it.

dallasflooring.jpg oak flooring pb240083.JPG

In fact, our gardening neighbor has already said he could use some of it during his kitchen remodel, and our painter has a place for some of it, too. We did have to ask the current owners if we could store it at the house that we don’t yet own since the salvage came in Monday — we would have (owned the house, that is), but for the delay in closing.

Plus, the Dallas guy delivered it to Fayetteville for the price of gas (and without sales tax). Woo-hoo! Like the floor guy in Chicago, this guy usually only salvages if he has a client waiting to buy. (Mini trend: The big market in salvage floors is for maple, these days.) I think he is watching for oak trim for us now.

We’re also getting a short pedestal tub and 130 feet of marble baseboard with plinth blocks. Why? Because we can.

pb240084.JPG pb240085.JPGpb240087.JPG

I think the marble is rojo alicante, and Don thinks it may be a good match for an Eastlake marble fireplace surround we salvaged from a Chicago north suburb — it was intended for our Kensington house, but we didn’t get that far. The tub is intended for one of our downstairs bathrooms, and the marble probably is, too. Unless it goes in the foyer with the marble surround. Or maybe the fireplace goes in the bathroom.

I think a good floor might perhaps look like this, but we’d have to deal with slipperiness, whether in the foyer or the bathroom:

Rojo Alicante and Breccia Oniciata Floor

*Heck, we don’t probably need any of it, since the house we think hope we are buying already has floors of some sort. However, wouldn’t quartersawn be gorgeous? And warm, and unusual, and likely we will need to patch floors anyway, so why not pull up 1000+ square feet of flooring from some of our house and move it to other parts of our house? (Besides the labor and all that mess, I mean.) Clearly, renovation amnesia** has set in and we are in that weird phase where we make up things to do.*** How are we going to get this house done in time for a house walk 5.5 years from now? (That’s our unofficial goal: to get in the school fundraiser/housewalk when the Little One is in her last year in the school, namely, fifth grade.)

** Renovation amnesia must be like labor amnesia, where you forget how hard the work was because you’re looking forward to the outcome when you’re getting ready to do it all over again. (Not sure, having not actually ever reached labor, and still having a fairly clear recollection of how hard a c-section was.)

*** I spent a while over the last week trying to persuade Don that we should take out the perfectly good staircase, and replace it with a beautiful one from Indiana. I wonder if he’d go for it if our Kensington house ever becomes available for salvage.

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2 Responses to “Adventures in Salvaging, Part 5: Dallas Craig’s List”

  1. Jennifer says:

    A perfect response! “Because we can”. LOVE it!

  2. Mike & Angie says:

    Great find on the flooring . . . and what a great price!

    I hope when we hit that stage we are as lucky.

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