My Arts and Crafts Garden Book List

While I have a good feel for what a Victorian garden could look like, I have not paid as much attention to Arts & Crafts gardens.  Now that I think we might have one next week, I want have to start my information gathering.  (Information gathering is a compulsion of mine.  However, once I have gathered enough information, I can make decisions fairly quickly.)  I’m especially looking to educate my eye as to what the good garden designers really did so that I can maybe avoid big missteps, while getting my garden started early this time.  (My motto: Buy small, grow big.)  Winter* is a good time for dreaming about gardens, so I’ve started my list:

  1. Gardens of the Arts and Crafts Movement: Reality and Imagination, by Judith B. Tankard.  (Go here for an interesting review of Tankard’s book.)
  2. The Gardens of William Morris, by Jill Douglas-Hamilton
  3. Arts and Crafts Gardens, by Gertrude Jekyll
  4. The Gardens of Gertrude Jekyll, by Richard Bisgrove
  5. Gertrude Jekyll’s Lost Garden, by Rosamund Wallinger
  6. The Unknown Gertrude Jekyll, by Martin Wood
  7. The Gardens of Ellen Biddle Shipman, by Judith B. Tankard

Apparently I really want to know more about Gertrude Jekyll’s gardens and I hope that Tankard is a good writer — that takes care of six of the seven books on the list.  And who wouldn’t want to know what Morris’ gardens might have been like?  Any others that you particularly like?  Why?

*Of course, it isn’t really winter here.  It’s not even fall, with temperatures expected to reach the mid-70s today.  But, the days are shorter, and it’s cloudy today, so I exercised a little poetic license. 

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