Adventures in Salvaging, Part 2 (Concrete pavers)

While I might have implied that the hardwood flooring was our first salvage experience, it was really our first salvage experience we had to pay for.  When we started the addition on the Kensington house, we had a large, round patio and garden edgings made of concrete brick pavers in the backyard.  Rather than throw them in the dumpster, we pulled them and stacked them to save for later.

I believe I was eight months pregnant.  It was August.  It was hot.  I was not subtle about my pregnancy.  I had already gained 45 pounds.  I scooted around on my butt, stacking pavers for Don to carry off to the side yard, where they remained until we moved to Ashland. (They were eventually joined by salvaged antique clay pavers from Hinsdale and salvaged bluestone from the North Shore.)

When the developer offered to buy our house (a story for another time), we agreed to remove the concrete pavers (and the clay pavers and the construction heap).  (The bluestone and some of the clay pavers were already in place as a fantastic patio. A post for a day when I can find those pictures.)  We (Don, his dad, and his brother, not so much me) took the concrete pavers to Don’s folks in the south suburbs that winter. The next summer, Don made a patio for them, and used about half.  (His dad helped, too.)  The patio has plenty of room for a table, four chairs, and probably a chaise longue.  There were a lot of pavers.  The picture shows about half the patio.

 Concrete paver patio

I’m not sure what happened to the rest.  I think his brother took some of them, but I don’t think he’s used them.  Some of them are still neatly stacked in his mother’s carport.  Anybody want some slightly used concrete pavers in the south ‘burbs of Chicago? 

And, just because I needed to know and so I assume you might be interested, I share with you a musical link for what Heaven’s streets are paved with.  The lyrics author (Fanny J.Crosby) also wrote Blessed Assurance along with over four hundred other hymns, and was blind from six weeks of age.  I think gold pavers would be even heavier than the clay pavers that we have repeatedly moved.  But, maybe they would be thinner?

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3 Responses to “Adventures in Salvaging, Part 2 (Concrete pavers)”

  1. GrandHolly says:

    Did you help salvage flooring from Southern Arkansas’s Old Main? It went into Gordon & Alma’s house on the mountain.

  2. Danielle says:

    Hi! I popped in last week and was overwhelmed at the amount of posts here, well done! It will take me some time to get through them, but I can’t wait.

    As far as this post goes, I like the stories behind your efforts and it’s nice picturing you 8 months pregnant. (45 lbs? wow.)

    Chicago is dreary and chilly tonight. Fall is on its way. Can’t decide if that is a good or a bad thing.

  3. Lisa says:

    I helped a little with pulling nails, but I had nothing to do with getting it out of the building. It went all over my paternal grandparents’ house, too (under the orange shag). Along with beams, and doors, and stairs. And the bricks outside were salvage, too. I’d forgotten all about that.

    I’ll have to find a photo and scan it in. That pregnancy was pretty amazing.

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