Time lapse photography of unpacking our townhouse

Here are photos of our living room and dining room before the movers came.

dscn0393.JPG Looking toward the dining room from the stairs

 dscn0392.JPG Looking toward the living room from the kitchen

The sheers cost $25.  $15 at a garage sale in Chicago for five sheers with lace toppers and three valances plus $10 at Target for another pair of sheers to which I sewed two of the valances on top.  (That pair is in the dining room.  They are missing the lace insets.  Still thinking about what to do with the leftovers.  They will probably just go into the dress-up box.)  The rug cost, ahem, more, and came most recently from a Fayetteville auction .  We have another, even larger rug that we may have to design a room around if we ever find a house.

And this would be a picture of our moving van pulling away… except I forgot to upload it while I was at my folks’ last night.

And these are of our living room and dining room approximately 24 hours later.

dscn0396.JPG Living room view.

dscn0395.JPG Dining room view.

I didn’t realize how dark the after photos turned out, but I’m desperate to post something with photos. 

I should have taken pictures of the rooms now (2 weeks later), but I forgot.  We have light bulbs in the lamps, glass in the table tops, pictures on the walls, pillows on the couches, child clutter on the floors, and most of the upholstered furniture wrapped in pseudo-slipcovers* in preparation for C for Cat’s arrival.  We’ve also shifted the furniture around a little bit so the window loveseat is a little nearer the TV and the rocker and corner table are pulled in a little.  Makes a cozier grouping, I think.  Maybe I’ll post after the cat comes.

* I spent quite a while yesterday fighting with slipcovers.  I wound up using a bedspread and some lined curtains from a previous house, along with safety pins, for our loveseats.  For some reason (maybe because our loveseats are slender of arm instead of big armed), the storebought slipcovers looked just horrible.  My makeshift ones are a bit better.   The one I bought for the sofa is OK, but I will probably wind up changing it, too.  I may have to just buckle down and make them.  It took me a solid two days the last time I did that.  In 1988.

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