Louis Sullivan Wallpaper?


Anybody recognize this wallpaper? I found on it on EBay Friday night, but I’ve never heard of Louis Sullivan wallpaper and Google wasn’t any help at all. The seller described it as “a reproduction of a late Victorian wallpaper in the Arts and Crafts style. The original pattern was inspired by the work of 19th century architect Louis Sullivan.”  (Sullivan was born 1856, died 1924.)  It’s cool (I think*), but something I’ve never heard of.

It certainly fits Sullivan’s ornamentation style (hybrid of Art Nouveau/Celtic), which I first learned to recognize from the Carson-Pirie-Scott store doors and then saw all over the city of Chicago, including the Chicago Stock Exchange trading room from 1893-1894 that was salvaged and reconstructed in the 1970s at the Art Institute. (Somehow I missed the whole Carson’s State Street closing last August.)

I emailed the seller to ask who made it, in case she happened to know, but what she knew was:

The manufacturer is a company called The Paperie, but the only company I could find by that name online sells scrapbook materials, not wallpaper. There’s a date of 1976 on a detatchable edge, but I don’t know if that’s the date of design, of production, or something else. No idea if it’s prepasted, but it looks great, no fading or other flaws.

Didn’t win.   (Didn’t bid too much, since I was bidding without Don looking at it and it was a bit outside my usual comfort zone since it wasn’t Bradbury & Bradbury or Burrows & Company or Brillion or Wolff House or anything else I had heard of.)  Oh, and let’s not forget another good reason not to buy wallpaper:  I don’t actually own a house it can go in.)  It sold for $17.51 + $13.49 s/h.

Now, of course, I am wishing I had won it.  So, if you have a source for it, let me know.  Or if you know anything about The Paperie.  Did they make anything else in the way of historic wallpapers?

* A bit worried that, if I had won, Don would think it’s 1970s, rather than 1870s.

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  1. Bill says:

    I’m gonna go with 1970s on that one. Fun to look at on a small screen, perhaps less so in a whole room.

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