Check? Check!

Check came in today, so I guess our Chicago house has sold.  We also got an all-clear on the follow-up radon test, so the last bit should be released from escrow soon.  Whew.

Movers come tomorrow, I think.  The Little One started kindergarten this morning.  She sure is little.  She’s almost as big as her backpack.  We spent our first night in our in-between rental apartment/duplex/whatever you call it (the townhouse).  Don will be taking his mom home later this week and painting her bedroom some more.  It’s another chaotic time in our lives.  Oh, and we’ve been married 7.5 years.  Happy half-anniversary to us. :)   In those 7.5 years, we’ve lived in 4.5 houses.  (We’d signed the lease on our townhouse, but hadn’t spent the night there yet.  The houses are: Howe, Ashland, Kensington, my parents’ guest house, and the townhouse.)  That’s a lot of moving, isn’t it?  Here’s hoping we stay longer in our next house.

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