Other country homes

Now that we are about to leave my parents’ 21st century house in the country and rent a late 20th century townhouse while we try to find a suitable 19th century house to buy, I thought you might like to see where some of our nearest neighbors live.

three-mud-dauber-nests.JPG Three mud daubers‘ nests in the eaves of our breezeway.

wasp-nest.JPGA wasp’s nest (?) in the eaves.  I guess.  I’m not sure what it is, but I know we didn’t fling a lump of dirt high up in the eaves so it must belong to some other creature.  It’s been too hot for me to sit around waiting to see what lives there.

carolina-wren.JPG My favorite.  A Carolina wren‘s nest on our potting bench.  You can see her eyes and beak if you click through.  She may have abandoned it after the big blow-out last weekend since I didn’t see her or any eggs last night.  Did you know the Carolina wren sings one of the loudest songs per unit volume of bird?  Fortunately, she’s quite small.  Her French name is Troglodyte de Caroline.  (I gather that the genus name for wrens, Troglodytes, is because wrens tend to live in caves and not because wrens are ”reclusive, reactionary, out of date, or brutish.”  Word of the Day Archive.

Car update:  I picked up a rental “car” last night.  They didn’t have the Ford Focus they promised me, so I got a Chevy Silverado extended cab.  I think it’s even bigger than our F150 extended cab.  It seats six with plenty of elbow room.  Once Don gets home with our truck, I think we’ll take this one back and try for something smaller.  Waiting on estimates from the body shop so I can authorize repairs.  The estimator said it would take 1-2 weeks after the parts come in to put it back together so I suspect it’s not totaled.

Moving update:  The movers loaded up and left yesterday about 5 p.m.  All Don found that they forgot was one trash can and one iron.  Yesterday afternoon, he was emptying out the fridge, delivering leftover meds to the IVF clinic, and trying to identify “frozen things that look like ravioli, but in a medical waste resealable bag.”  Those turned out to be little icepacks from my two biopsies last fall.  He’s borrowed a broom from his mom’s house so the house will be “broom clean”, per our contract.  Closing will be mostly completed tomorrow and Don should be back here tonight.  I hung lace sheers in the townhouse downstairs last night.  ($15 for the set (four long sheers and four valances) at a garage sale in Chicago last week.)  Not quite pleased with them yet, but maybe I can rearrange them a bit more.  I’d like one more long sheer than we have, but I have some ideas.

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