Moving is moving. With photo of car

Packers packed the almost-adopted orphan yesterday.  Emptied the storage unit and stopped that contract.  (Or, rather, husband did.)  Arranged to stop most of the utilities. (Or, rather, husband did.)  Movers are supposed to load and leave today.  Husband is supposed to leave Chicago (and arrive in Fayetteville!) tomorrow.  Closing is supposed to be Friday.  Stuff is supposed to show up here on Tuesday.  Still some niggling odds and ends, but that’s what lawyers and Realtors are for.  (And husbands.)  I hope.

Car was towed to body shop, and the insurance company gave the go-ahead to start estimating, etc.  I was interviewed today about the accident.  Sounds like the insurance companies may conclude it was, indeed, an accident on both parts.  It’s been 15+ years since I’ve had to deal with crushed cars and insurance.  I’d forgotten how time-consuming it is – I hope it goes better this time.  (Last time, my car was innocently parked on the street, and it was knocked twenty feet.  Lots of rear-end damage, an uncooperative insurance company for the accident-causer, and it was hard to get it completely repaired.  The air-conditioning turned out not to work, and there was a leak we didn’t find for several months.  Ugh.)

Crushed Car

At least, I’ve owned it almost a year now, so it doesn’t feel quite as new.  It’s been nearly nine months since the last time it was hit.  The first time it was hit, I hadn’t made a payment on it yet.  (High school student who didn’t see that traffic was stopped, just that the light was green.  Rear-ended and dinged my bumper.)  The second time, I was waiting at a light to turn left, and a hubcap flung itself into my car.  A small scratch and a very loud thump.  This time was worse.

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