Closing is closer.

Did you miss me?  Last weekend, we hosted a 45th wedding anniversary/family reunion for my parents, and then drove 650 miles north to the orphan Italianate.  (50 adults, 15 children.  Attendees from both coasts and as far north as Detroit, Michigan and as far south as College Station, Texas.  I met family I’d never met before, including my grandfather’s younger brother — he’s only 85.  My grandfather is 92.)  Got there Tuesday.

We’ve spent the week in Chicago, visiting our orphan Italianate and the Little One and I are back in hot, hot, hot Arkansas.  (102 degrees Fahrenheit in Missouri as we went through, and supposed to be around 100 here the rest of the week.)  We drove the 650 miles back on Saturday/Sunday.  Glad to have a/c in the car.

We resolved all the inspection points (I think), and we’re supposed to close on Friday.  We are still dealing with radon (re-inspection requires 48 hours without movers, so the re-inspection won’t be complete until next week — after closing), and holding breath until closing.  Movers come Tuesday to pack us up, and they’re supposed to load and go on Wednesday.

The future owners came over last Friday, and we showed them the boiler, and discussed the finer points of single-pipe radiators, and risks of a floor-level laundry chute when you have small children, and graciously accepted their compliments.  The previous owners (well, daughter-in-law and grandchildren) also came over on Saturday and admired the house.  We had a lot of people come through and admire the house — a lot of them told us that they wished we’d had time to enjoy it before we sold it.  However, if we hadn’t moved to Arkansas, I think I would have been lucky to have a new roof and a new kitchen at this stage.  Realistically, we’d be far, far, far from having a house as habitable as it is now.

Busy dealing with real world issues (things tend to accumulate while you’re gone), so more interesting posts will have to wait.  I’m ruminating on a Coolerator we picked up in Southern Illinois.  (An actual icebox.  With deco features.  And instructions.  We think it will be great for parties, instead of using an ice chest.  Some of our family think we’re insane.  Go figure.)

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