Stalking houses in Fayetteville, Arkansas, Part 2

Of all the houses I’ve seen in Fayetteville, I had the biggest crush on the Fulbright house. The listing is presently with Grubb & Ellis/Solomon Partners. (MLS 493886).  It’s come down $200K since we saw it.

fulbright-house.JPG A pretty bad drive by picture by me.

The new listing agent is using an odd picture of the carport at the rear of the house, and almost none of the impressive living room, dining room, and sweeping staircase.  (There is a nice shot of the painted/stained glass at the stair landing.)  Instead, the focus seems to be on the bedroom used for filming The Blue and The Gray miniseries in 1982, and the back of the house (kitchen with large, potential family room leading to backyard). 

It’s a Federal style mansion, with impressive two-story columns and brick with nice quoins.  It has a view of Old Main from Senator Fulbright’s office, and Mrs. Fulbright’s study is practically untouched since she left it 50 years ago.  Since we looked at it, the house has been tuck-pointed, and the wood trim scraped and painted.  It is an imposing house.

Unfortunately, it would need a ton of work.  The Fulbrights had it for more than forty years, and the Halls had it for fifty plus years after that.  I think the carpet in the front hall dates to the Fulbrights.  (Like the wool carpet in our Italianate, it shows practically no wear.)  The bedrooms and baths upstairs are all chopped up.  As I recall, the stained glass at the top of the stairs backs onto a laundry room on the second floor.  The electric and plumbing haven’t been touched in years.  The garden would need, ahem, refreshing.  (From what I remember from Mrs. Fulbright’s biography, she had a full-time gardener working on the property.)

However, the trim and paneling are in good shape, and it has a really nice flow downstairs from living room to dining room to sunroom.  And, it is Senator Fulbright’s boyhood home, and his mother (Roberta Fulbright) lived and worked there for many years as the publisher of the Northwest Arkansas Times. 

That said, I’m pretty sure we won’t be buying it. 

P.S. Movers start packing up our Italianate today.  And my car was creamed this morning as I came down my parents’ driveway.  I’m OK, but shaken up.  This is the third time it’s been hit since I bought it new in September.  In October (before my first payment), a high school girl hit me — the light was green, but traffic was stopped — she paid attention to the light, and not traffic.  That just required removing, painting, and replacing the rear bumper.  In December, I was waiting to turn left, and somebody’s hubcap flung itself into the driver’s door.  This is the worst by far.  I can see the inner bits of the bumper and some inportant part of the car has embedded itself into the tire, but at least the airbags didn’t go off. 

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