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Thursday, July 10th, 2008

This is Don again. I’ve decided to catch up on some of the things I’ve been working on since we started our current renovation, meaning, this stuff was done weeks or months ago!

Lisa may have posted this before, but this was the state of the electric service when we purchased the house.


Yes, it was as bad as it looked. It wasn’t at all clear how to match a particular panel to a particular room in the house. Some of the fuse holders were broken, and some of the switches didn’t seem to work. Every morning I felt compelled to look out of the second floor window of our rental at the second floor of our new old house (we live on the next block, and you can see one house from the other). I wanted to make sure it hadn’t burned down during the night.

Now the electric service looks like this.



During the past few weeks, I have removed most of the old electric wire and accessories from the house – a non-threatening task since the juice is shut off. I’ve even made enough cash with a couple of trips to the local salvage yard to pay for my Craig’s List band saw! Until further notice, I’m running everything off of that two-gang receptacle in the garage.

Yes, I still check the house every morning as I descend the stairs for that first cup of coffee. However, I would be really, really surprised to find a smoldering pine and cedar carcass looking back at me.

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