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Sewing room wish list

Wednesday, March 12th, 2008

(One day, I may manage to write about our trip to San Diego.  But, today is not that day.) Last time we worked with an architect, we wrote down things we wanted from our addition, and things we liked about the house already. I figure we need something like that this time, too.

Since I’ve been sewing for the Little One (finished her dress with Di$ney women all over it, and nearly finished her blue Easter dress), and since Don has been trying to banish me to the attic extol the virtues of finishing the attic so I could have lots of room, I thought I’d write about sewing rooms.  (Right now, the attic is scary. Don has taken the ceiling out in most of the house, so the rafters open up to a bottomless pit the rooms below.  I can’t actually get off the attic ladder to stand in the attic at present.)

My favorite sewing space ever was in Raleigh when I lived on the 2nd floor of a Colonial Revival on Park. (Built about 1916, I think. The owners lived downstairs; my furnished one bedroom apartment with pine heart floors that I hand buffed with wax occupied half the second floor, and they rented two or three rooms to other graduate students who seemed to do most of their cooking in a microwave.) My bedroom was on the 2nd floor, and faced south, with a bank of three windows. In front of the windows there was a long flat space that ran the full width of the room. (I suppose the landlord intended it to be a desk. I think there were some drawers, too.) I set up sewing there. I could look out past my sewing and see interesting things, and I had good light. I was probably short on storage, but I didn’t own so much fabric then, either.  I think the sewing flat space was not physically attached to the wall so big sewing projects had a place for the processed fabric to go.

What do I need or want in a sewing room?

  • good light and views
  • outlets* up high so I can reach them
  • flat spaces (for sewing and cutting – both patterns for clothes and rotary cutting for quilts, ironing)
    • maybe a cutting island so I’m not crawling on the dusty floor to cut
  • a door (to close when company comes)
  • ironing board (and ironing table for quilt tops) — perhaps a built-in swiveling board — I loved the one we had on Kensington (may need a water source for the steam?)
  • lots of storage of various sorts (for boxes of someday fabric, yarn, patterns, notions, rolls of upholstery fabric, thread, scissors, rick rack, seam binding, lace, books). 

Isn’t this display cabinet gorgeous?  There’s a yardstick embedded on the drawer side, too.  I think I wouldn’t want a glass top, but maybe I would if I had a cutting board and an ironing board to fit on top for when I needed them.


  • computer
  • a comfy chair for handwork or visitors
  • hardwood floors (harder to lose sharp objects, easier to sweep up threads)
  • place(s) to dispose of loose threads
  • display area for my grandmothers’ sewing and sewing tools, my mother’s needlepoint, and some other fabric art I have accumulated
  • clothes hanging space for works in progress

I suspect there’s more, but that’s a good start.

*When we were out at the Hill Sunday, my mom reminded me that I should also specifically wish for electrical outlets.  (Sad but true.  Her architect left that off the specs. However, I have sewn on a treadle machine, so I guess I could go back to that.)

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