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Unvented Gas Heaters for Petch House

Thursday, February 21st, 2008

Greg from Petch House asked after my bathroom gas heater — you know, the one that set my house on fire.  Or at least the bathroom door.  So I searched his website to find out why.  This is why.  As it turns out, we have at least four of them.  (I hear we have a fifth in the basement Apartment 5, but I don’t know what it looks like.)  Also, we have some bigger open flame gas heaters that don’t look quite so ceramic.

My memories of unvented gas heaters are ridiculous.  We had one in our bathroom (1963 ranch) when I was growing up. Somehow, I was sure that it was connected to the tub to keep the water warm.  Picture little flames licking at the bottom of the tub.  Yep, that’s what I envisioned.  Made me a bit nervous in winter.  Don’t really want one in our house.

So, Greg:  These photos are for you.   Let me know which one(s) you want and we’ll get it to you after they’re disconnected.  (I think the two non-white ones are a close match in color, and they are more tan than pink.)

Heater 1 Heater 2  Heater 4 Heater 4

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30+ Deco Kitchen Handles: Want some?

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2008

We have at least thirty of these kitchen handles (and corresponding cabinets and drawers) which we will be pulling out of the kitchen in Apartment 1 rather soon. Anyone interested? I think they would go well in a mid-century house since that’s when I think this remodel was done.  The curly window trim is another clue to its date.

kitchen-handle.jpg upper-cabinets-example.jpg over-kitchen-door.jpg

I haven’t checked the upstairs kitchen hardware in person, but my file photo (below) suggests that at least one of them has cabinets that are definitely of the same vintage, and may have matching handles, increasing the number further.


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The pipes are thawing (and not bursting)

Friday, January 4th, 2008

We have power to Apartment 1 now, and also to the hallway and Apartment 4′s kitchen outlet upstairs (on Apartment 1′s downstairs circuit for some reason). We also have hot water in the house although, as of noon yesterday, Apartment 4 still didn’t. No visible leaks (except, perhaps, in Apartment 5, which is the basement apartment, where we know we have a clogged sink), so no burst pipes yet. Only the Apartment 2 kitchen sink is still frozen.  (We thought we had lost power permanently in Apartment 2, but that turned out to be a blown fuse, so life is good.) Isn’t the stalagmite cool?  It was a stalactite until it started to thaw.

Ice in Apt 2 kitchen sink

Demolition and clean-up are progressing in the basement, where the water heater fired up a couple of times while Don was sweeping. Nasty, by the way (the sweeping).  Probably hadn’t been done in forty years.

The basement (not the apartment, but the basement part) is all cleaned and swept, with about 10 more minutes to finish cleaning the garage. Then, on to Apartment 5 (the basement apartment).

Apartment 2′s “switch” at the fuse box, for lack of a better term, is broken. The electric company guy said that can happen in the cold. Or maybe Don stressed it Wednesday with the 3 space heaters, and it cracked.

The electric company guy came by a second time, after turing the power to Apartment 1 back on, to change a bad meter. This is our second “bad” meter at this house.  We already had a gas meter replaced. I don’t recall replacing a meter in any of our other houses. Of course, we have eleven meters here, which would increase the odds of a bad one. Five gas and five electric meters for the five apartments, plus a sixth gas meter for the 95 gallon hot water heater, which is community property. Not sure which of the meters is new, but I do have before and after shots of the electric. Not the gas.  Aren’t they lovely?

Gas meters January 3, 2008 electric meters January 3, 2008 electric meters

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