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We bought the house.

Sunday, August 3rd, 2008

Sometimes I help my dad work on the house. It is fun. (The Little One wrote and typed the part above, and dictated the following.  She did ask how to spell bought and house.  The title is her own.)

I get to write with chalk and rocks. I have lunch there sometimes. I find marbles sometimes and I get to play outside in the backyard. It is sheltered by trees and I can play with my neighbor Sally. I find bricks and wood and I find fireflies and rolypolies. I help him meet with architects. The End.


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Workshop Book List

Tuesday, December 11th, 2007

Don asked me to design his workshop. We have never done the workshop first, and it seems a brilliant idea.  Especially since we haven’t stayed long enough in a house to do the workshop last.  

Our workshop will occupy essentially the whole basement.  This includes a one-car garage made of cinder block, a walk-out one-bedroom apartment, and an actual basement with various bits of house infrastructure in it and native rock walls.  After we do demolition and garbage dumping, we will have a better idea of the space, but I can start daydreaming planning now. 

I have to start new projects with information gathering. Once I start getting the same information over and over, then I probably have enough information.  (For instance, after two kitchen remodels in under five years, I have an impressive collection of kitchen information that needs only small refinements to be helpful in the next kitchen.)

These are the books I’ve found via the internet that might be helpful.  About half are available at my local library (FPL), so maybe I’ll stop in later this week, get a library card and a handful of books.

1. Setting Up Shop: The Practical Guide to Designing and Building Your Dream Shop, Sandor Nagyszalanczy (The Taunton Press Inc.). (FPL has 1st ed. So do I. In storage. It was revised in 2006.)

2. The Workshop Book, Scott Landis (The Taunton Press Inc.) (FPL).

3. How to Design and Build Your Ideal Woodshop, Bill Stankus (Popular Woodworking Books).

4. Setting Up Your Own Woodworking Shop, Bill Stankus (Sterling Publishing Co. Inc.) (FPL).

5. The Small Wood Shop (The Best of Fine Woodworking), Helen Albert (Editor) (The Taunton Press Inc.).

6. Fine Woodworking, especially annual Tools and Shops issue (The Taunton Press Inc.).  (Already subscribe.  Have devoured most recent T&S issue.  Once it is digested, then I can probably start planning.)

7. Smart Workshop Solutions: Building Workstations, Jigs, and Accessories to Improve Your Shop, Paul Anthony (The Taunton Press Inc.).

8. Building Woodshop Workstations, Danny Proulx (Popular Woodworking).

9.  The Workbench Book, Scott Landis (The Taunton Press Inc.) (FPL).

Anyone have any favorites?  Did I miss any?

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