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Friday, November 30th, 2007

The current owners had already contracted to paint the house when they decided to sell to us. Our last two houses were Victorian, so an Arts & Crafts or Colonial Revival was a little outside my comfort zone, at least when it came to dealing with accent and trim colors — I was fine with the medium sage green for the body, but not too sure about going with lighter trim instead of darker. Not to worry, the Big Noble Book Store had Bungalow Colors, Exterior, in stock so we bought it.

A quick study of it (along with looking at several examples in the neighborhood), and I was fine with the light, light sage green for the trim, and a somewhat darker sage green as an accent (including the bottom trim piece — like a kickplate), and a brickish red for the screen door. (I got a bit defensive when our neighbor/current owner thought it sounded like it is going to be a Victorian/painted lady — it’s three shades of the same green, which hardly compares to the five or six different colors we used on our true Victorians. Guess we’ll see how it turns out.)

Now to see if the painter can get it done before real winter shows up. It was up nearly to 80 degrees (F) on the Sunday before Thanksgiving and we’re still getting some warm days. Lovely late November weather. He’s gotten the base coat on all the house except a section that we are having resided, and he has the trim work done on most of the house. Not to mention the back part that he’s already ripped off and resided. (Rotten, nasty bit around the walk-out basement.) It looks like he spray painted the sides (plastic over the windows), and brush painted the front.

From left to right, a picture of the house in October (when we thought we were making an offer), and a picture of the house in process.  The lower right windows in the second photo shows two trim combinations we considered.  We chose the trim color on the right side (more or less), the red (visible above the window on the right) on the front door, and a dark green (but not as dark as the one on the left) for the “kick plate.”  (What do you call that board that wraps around the bottom of the house?)

  Exterior before offerExterior before trim

I was waiting on this post because I have a picture of the whole front in its finished form, but I haven’t uploaded it.  Will just post separately on it sometime later.  I don’t know why the sky turned pink — it was a normal, sky color in the original photo.

We’re thinking red for the roof when we replace it.

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