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Intersection of Facebook and Obsessive Documentation

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

Rejuvenation counted comments yesterday, and my Mexican/Dutch wallpaper won in a landslide.

Who’da thunk that joining Facebook and becoming a Rejuvenation fan (and asking for comments) would have resulted in needing to find a sweet home for this? Only in a custom, not-available-in-any-store* finish of antique copper?

Rejuvenation's McCoy Pendant with Jadeite Shade

It’s an outcome I didn’t expect. We’re either going to put it over my baking center in the kitchen, where it will be framed by the pass-through window into the dining room, which has a Rejuvenation antique copper chandelier and it will reference the green streaks in the soapstone,** or over the kitchenette  in our master suite, where we plan to display the Jadeite pottery I’ve been sort of collecting as we travel. Either way, it will look super. Umm, it will look super and the space will look super once we get the countertops finished, and the trim installed, and the appliances in, and the wallpaper in the dining room, and … Meanwhile, it will add a touch of class to a not-yet-finished space.

Of course, it wouldn’t have been possible without the assistance of my digital camera, which has been very helpful – both in documenting wallpaper and in documenting where speakers should have gone.

*Am I channeling Ron Popeil or Billy Mays?

** We’ve installed the soapstone, but I haven’t uploaded those pictures yet. First coat of mineral oil, and it’s looking really good. Also the marble in the baking center. And the cooktop. And the double oven. And the sink, but not the drain. Or the faucet. And the dishwasher was in the middle of the kitchen yesterday, so it must be going in soon. And I think the fridge comes today, even though it wasn’t expected until April 15.

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We went to Mena, Arkansas and all we got was …

Tuesday, August 5th, 2008

a crummy t-shirt? No way. The days of buying t-shirts* four souvenirs are long over. Now we buy architectural salvage when we travel.

When we go to Howard County in south Arkansas for Duckett Decoration (first Sunday in June and the preceding Saturday), we always stop at Ri-Jo’s salvage place in Mena (in Polk County, but nearer to Duckett than most places in Howard County). This time, Richard sold us a light fixture.

I have been struggling with the Arts and Crafts vision for our house. Nearly all the lights I look at don’t suit my vision of the house. Don finally nailed my problem: I’m afraid it will look like 2008 when we’re done instead of 1908 (or 1916 in our case). Everybody is doing Arts and Crafts now — the new houses, the old houses, Renovation Hardware, the Home Depot. They’re all doing it. Plus, I still haven’t made it safely to the 20th Century, what with our last two houses being solidly in Queen Victoria’s reign.

We’re compromising with a transitional look, a hybrid between Colonial Revival and Arts and Crafts. What does this mean? It means we are buying fewer square light fixtures with divided lights, and more classical ones, while still having plenty of beams in the ceilings*** and nice oak trim. Here’s the fixture we bought from Ri-Jo … along with the great shades we bought from Rejuvenation. I love the iridescent look to them plus the shades were on clearance at Rejuvenation! (Sorry, I think they’re all gone now.)

ri-jo-light-fixture-colonial-revival.jpg rejuvenation-shade-on-clearance.jpg

Now we just have to figure out where it goes. Dining room? Foyer? Living room? (We might need a pair for that room.) Oh, we also need an acceptable canopy.

Meanwhile, here’s the Little One doing her part for Duckett Decoration, before dinner on the grounds. Don thought that eating at the cemetery sounded quite odd when he first joined me for Duckett, but he doesn’t hesitate these days. (I made her dress and hat.**)


We also went to the swimming hole at Cossatot State Park, where the Little One made s’mores. (I think this was Don’s first time to eat s’mores. I didn’t know that s’mores were a southern thing, but I can’t explain his lack of experience otherwise… By the way, when you search for s’mores, you discover that s’mores are a southern food. At least according to the recipe index on They may have inspired or been inspired by Moon Pies. I like s’mores better, of course.)

And we stopped by Duckett Schoolhouse, which was a one room schoolhouse for grades 1-8, which my grandfather, his siblings and many of his cousins attended. It’s in about the same state of disrepair that it has been in for thirty years.


* I think the Little One may have wound up with three Vacation Bible School t-shirts this year. Episcopal, United Methodist, and Bible Church. She was explaining heaven to me yesterday afternoon. Streets paved with gold and lots of magical thinking are involved.

**Shortly after we came back from Duckett, the Little One lost her hat. She must have been worrying about it for weeks. When we packed for Chicago in mid-July, I asked her to find her hat so I could pack it. She burst into tears: It was lost, lost forever! She lost it at Central one day, and maybe it blew away in a storm or somebody saw it and thought it was paper and thought it was litter and thought she had littered and threw it away! Or some other implausible event. Oh, the tragedy of it all. After the wailing and gnashing of teeth subsided, I offered to make her another hat, which I did while we were in Chicago, and then I made matching tops for her and her cousin. When we got back, Don checked at Central’s lost and found, and found her hat. (He says that the director said that lots of people complimented the hat while it waited for the Little One’s return.) These are the matching tops. I guess I didn’t take a picture of her new hat.


*** The Johnson Brothers are adding some functional beams in the living room in the next couple of weeks so the upstairs won’t fall down once we get the bathrooms installed. As many beams as they’re putting in, I think we won’t need any decorative ones.

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Window Shopping: Art Deco Lighting

Monday, November 26th, 2007

In honor of Cyber Monday, I started to make a page of links for lighting, but discovered that it turned into a post, instead.

Don has a pair of Art Deco sconces that he got from his grandparents’ house in Lansing, Illinois. He saved them this summer from being sold in his sister’s garage sale.  I guess when he de-installed them, he replaced the sconces with a new pair from a big box store, and packed the old ones in the new boxes. And left them in his mom’s garage for ten+ years. His sister has been helping clear out the garage, and was about to put them out for sale, when Don looked inside the boxes and realized what they were. It was certainly fortuitous that he was in Lansing that weekend, since he’s usually in Arkansas. They’re in our storage unit now, or I would post a picture of them.

Vintage Lighting: I swear this pair of circa 1920 sconces and a five-arm chandelier match Don’s sconces. $1600 for all three. (Don thinks they’re different.)

Slipper Sconce

Here’s another pair for $695 from PW Antique Lighting that are a pretty close match, too.

And here’s a five light PW is selling as a stand-alone for $895. five-light.jpg

Oh, dear. I can see that our renovation is going to be more expensive this time. What we save on labor we will spend on original fixtures. But won’t it be fun? I’m thinking about an Art Deco guest room maybe. With Don’s grandparents’ waterfall bedroom suite. Yum.

Maybe we can stop at our local favorite for antique lighting, Long Ago Antiques on Huntsville Road, soon.  I haven’t looked there for Art Deco (or even Arts & Crafts) lighting, but they had a lot of lights that would have looked perfect in our Italianate.

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Adventures in Salvaging, Part 3: Craig’s List

Monday, November 19th, 2007

So the Little One is out of school this week, we don’t own a house (yet — maybe next week), and we need to do something, anything.  What to do, what to do? 

I started checking out Craig’s List, got bored with Fayetteville, and moved on to Chicago (and Dallas and, well, anywhere in between).  In Chicago, I found:  (1) a mess of salvaged divided glass cabinet doors  (11 doors plus for $120), (2) two Rejuvenation craftsman sconces for $120 (list $174 each), and (3) salvaged quartersawn oak hardwood flooring for $4/square foot.

An advantage of having a SAHD is that he can go to Chicago if the fancy takes him.  An advantage of the fancy taking him this week is that the Little One is out of school and can go see Grandma and cousins with him.  So, a few emails and phone calls later (plus 12 hours on the road to get there), we now possess a mess of doors and two sconces, and the promise of plainsawn oak flooring, delivered, in December, and the Little One has had a good time at Grandma’s.  Now to get them home again.  (Salvage and family, both.)

Quartersawn is sold out.   The flooring guy salvages floors for a living and has to come to Arkansas in December anyway, which would save us a trip with a trailer.  $3/square foot for plainsawn, I think, plus whatever we negotiate for delivery.  (When we pulled the quartersawn ourselves, I think we paid a dollar a square — that was hard work, and not exactly convenient to Arkansas.)  We’re thinking we’ll pull the downstairs floors out of our house, and use them upstairs, and install oak in the living room (or perhaps throughout downstairs) to cover up/resize the huge floor grate.  Anyone else in Arkansas want some salvaged hardwood flooring?  We could probably work out a deal for volume.  (And the turn-of-the-century stuff is pretty easy to work with — it’s much longer than what you get now, and the flow is so much nicer.)

I can’t wait to see the salvage — Don says the cabinet doors were rescued via dumpster diving from a condo conversion, and the un-installed (NIB!) Rejuvenation sconces came from a beautiful Victorian, whose owners are going to Thailand to do something for the Department of Justice (I think).  He says the finish is nicer on the sconces than in the picture (below).  I don’t seem to have saved the Craig’s List photo of the doors, so we will have to make a separate post later.  (The doors are destined for either our pantry or kitchen, depending.)


And the Little One was so exhausted last night that she missed me and wanted to come home.  (I miss her, too.)  She played with her cousins from 7:30 a.m. until 8:30 p.m., when they had to go home.

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