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Curriculum night at school

Wednesday, August 29th, 2007

At Curriculum Night last night, we learned that most of the first semester of kindergarten is just getting the kids prepared to listen.  Our classroom is overfull at 25 kids, but three will be transferred as soon as the transportation gets worked out, to bring the class size down to 22.  Very relieved to say that ours won’t be among them.  Apparently, there were several more who enrolled after she did (on July 31), and it’s last in, first out.  Would have been a small tragedy if she’d been transferred since we are across the street from Washington, and we moved there on purpose so she could go to Washington and, in my opinion, she’s had enough transitions to last her a while.

Don volunteered to be a Watchdog Dad,* to paint the concrete floor of the bathroom in the Little One’s classroom, and to be a carpenter for her teacher, who is very excited about having a carpenter dad readily available, especially given our proximity to school.  I can tell that even if we don’t buy a house soon, he won’t run out of projects between school and my parents’ house.

The Little One is on her second day home from school.  I think she’ll be symptom free today, so she can return tomorrow.  (School wants 24 hours symptom free before returning.)  Sure am glad Don got home Monday night (or early Tuesday morning) so we could take advantage of his stay-at-home status.  Also glad to have perfect attendance out of the way early — she’s been in crying hysterics over her inability to write numbers and lower case letters perfectly.  Not sure why — As I suspected, her teacher says she hasn’t even been bringing up such things yet, let alone expecting perfection. 

* A Watchdog Dad goes to school and wanders the halls to provide a male presence.  Sometimes, there are tasks for the dad, and sometimes he just gets flagged down in the hall.  I guess.  Will let you know more after he’s been one.

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