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Movers have arrived.

Tuesday, August 21st, 2007

I expect to have a house full of furniture and boxes by the time I get home from work today.  And a storage unit full of furniture and boxes.  And possibly my parents’ garage full of … yes, furniture and boxes.  We sure own a lot of stuff.

We delayed the moving van’s arrival a bit because their scheduled arrival of 7:45 a.m. would have put them right in the middle of prime time for school drop off, and our street is a prime location for the park-and-walk parent to park and walk.  (We live nearer the school than most parents could park.)  By waiting until 8:15, the street cleared and made room for the moving van.  (The delay also gave Don a chance to grab coffee cake, cups and box cutters.  My mother in law is going to come in the afternoon and work on unpacking the kitchen.  Lucky us!)

Little One’s second day of kindergarten started off nicely.  Hugs, kisses, and good byes.  She walked right in and started coloring.  Doesn’t seem a bit scarred by the little, ahem, snafu about where she was supposed to go after school.   

At her open house on Friday, they asked what she was to do after school, and I said she was a walker — because she is going to walk to her after-school care.  A minute later, I realized that walking-to-after-school-care was a separate category, so we discussed at length how she was not really a walker.  But, by the time Monday afternoon rolled around, her teacher had forgotten that she was not a walker (especially because she knew we lived across the street), and had her in the walking line instead of the after-school-care line.  I guess our after-school caregivers called, looking for her, so her teacher drove her to the after-school care.  (It’s only a block away.)  I’m pretty sure everyone will know what she’s supposed to do today. And I’m pretty un-upset about it, too.  After all, no harm, no foul.  And she was where she was supposed to be by the time Don went to pick her up.

I was impressed by her teacher knowing her name — and everyone else’s name — when they walked in yesterday.  Maggie didn’t have too much to say about her day — at recess, she played with a girl she knew from preschool, and figured out how many kids can fit on some “round green swing.”  (I’ll have to look at the playground and see what that is.)  She learned a song about r-e-d, and claims they didn’t read any stories and that she didn’t have lunch.  You know the saying, “If you don’t believe everything your kid says about school, I won’t believe everything she says about home.”  Might apply here.

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