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Nunc pro tunc? What’s that mean?

Sunday, July 15th, 2007

When we started thinking about clever house blog names, we found all the good ones had been taken. (House in Progress, The Devil Queen, etc.) And, since we don’t know just what kind of house we’re going to end up with, it’s a bit hard to make a play on words related to the style or the address. So, since I’m a lawyer, I suggested Nunc Pro Tunc, and since Don is a nice husband, he claimed to like the name. Of course, the properly-spelled web site belongs to some real estate outfit in Pennsylvania, but what’s a little misspelling among friends?

In any event, nunc pro tunc is lawyer Latin for now as then. Lawyers generally use it when trying to put things back the way they should be: fixing a clerical error that everyone involved recognizes is a classic example. (I believe nunc is from the same root word as renunciation.) And, it reflects our general attitude toward houses. We like to put an old house back the way it should be, while recognizing that the original owners would, for example, prefer indoor plumbingAshland 2nd bath over outhouses if available. We like to use salvaged and reproduction material, and we like to try to avoid jarring missteps.

We’ll probably end up with a Victorian or an Arts and Crafts, although we are occasionally tempted by a mid-century modern or a Faye Jones.  Our last two houses were Victorian (Italianate and Eastlake/Stick), so we understand the genre pretty well.

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