Austin Marathon Training – Week 3

November 9, 2010 by
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40 miles running this week and I’ve only logged this many miles in a week once before. Everything else is going to be new territory for me in this plan. I’m still feeling really good considering my miles ramping up. But I could be doing more stretching, and more strength training. It was another week of no strength training and no cross-training on the bike.

I did take 7+ hours of a bike maintenance class at Pioneer Valley Bike School. Sure I don’t need to know right now how to take care of my bike, but I fit it in my schedule. I was the only student so this was all one-on-one time which was awesome. I worked on my old Novara hybrid which needed some work. I got new tires, replaced some cable housing, and basically learned how to take apart the bike and put it back together. I learned so much and I’m not sure how much I will retain. I’m hoping to get some basic tools and a repair stand soon and work on Bill’s bike which is the same as my hybrid. This will be a good test to see how much I really did learn.

Even though I didn’t get on my bike this past week, I did clean up Betty, installed the cadence sensor, and put it up on the trainer. Plus I figured out how to install the iPad on my handlebars.

Ella is planning to run the Hot Chocolate Run this year and I’m running with her during her training which started this week. I’m running these as my recovery runs which is still way slower than my recovery pace, but I love spending this time with Ella. It’s a great opportunity to check in with her and talk.
One thing I’m doing during this marathon training which I haven’t done before is keeping track of where I’ve been running on a map. I’d love it if I can cover all of the roads around town by the end of training. It’s been a great way to discover some new routes and fun places to run and to explore neighborhoods I’ve never been in before. This is what the map looks like after 3 weeks of training. I’ve been marking where I’ve been in pink.

Week 4 has only 42 miles planned, so it’s not much of a jump up from this past week. I might do a half marathon in Monson this weekend as part of my long run, but only if I’m up for it and time allows. I won’t be racing it though.


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  1. kelli ann on Sat, 20th Nov 2010 7:07 am
  2. Yay for running with Ella!

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