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November 3, 2010 by
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It’s been tough getting out of bed lately in the mornings to run. It’s cold and so very dark. Fortunately I have a few things to help keep me visible when I run in the dark.

If I head out just before dawn I’ll grab my Blackburn Flea. I bought this for my road bike in case I get caught at dusk still out on the road. It’s super light and tiny and put my finger through the velcro loop when I’m running. Once the sun is up, I’ll put it in a pocket. Plus I love the USB charging.  If the bulk of my run will be in the dark, I’ll wear a headlamp. I love my new Tikka Plus 2 headlamp. On a recent run, it was so comfortable I thought I had dropped it. But it was on my head.

As far as reflective gear goes, I love the Brooks Nightlife collection. I have the Essential Run Vest (over a long-sleeve shirt keeps me warm enough down to 30°), Reflective Vest (good if I need more reflectiveness when it’s above 45°), and the Nightlife Hat (with blinking red light in the back).

I usually find myself running in the dark when it’s colder. My favorite reflective tights are a pair from Golite which have been discontinued. The have cute reflective flowers on the front and back of the tight. But when it gets really cold or biking in the cold, I’ll wear my Sugoi SubZero Zap Tight. These tights are awesome with wind too.

One thing I may invest in this winter is a good running jacket. Jackets I’m considering are the Sugoi Zap, Brooks Nightlife, and the Saucony ViZiPRO Ethereal.


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