Austin Marathon Training – Week 2

November 1, 2010 by
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This past week was a stressful one at home and work. I could only manage the minimum in my training, 4 runs and one yoga session after my long run. Tuesday’s run was not good at all. It was strangely hot that day and everything felt off. Fortunately the rest of the week of running went much better. Though a few hours after my long run yesterday, my right Achilles tendon started to hurt, which is a new pain for me. I’ll need to keep an eye on it. The highlight run of the week which was also the run I was least looking forward to was the recovery run Friday night after work. I ran with Bill through Look Park in the dark getting to see all of their spooky lights. It was super fun.

It’s been a month since I’ve been on my bike. I’ve got to get it up on the trainer so I can take advantage of it for recovery days. I think that will help me recovery faster. My plan this week moves up to running 5 days a week. I’m not sure which days to do strength training on. I read conflicting things about which you should do. So I’ll just have to experiment to see what works for me. Only new workout in the plan this week is a Lactate Threshold on Tuesday, 8 miles w/ 4 mi @ 15K to half marathon pace.

Soccer is done for the season, so life will be a little bit simpler. Here’s hoping for a much better week!


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