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July 1, 2005 by
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Four days into our vacation and I’ve gotten two projects finished up.

I finished Maggie’s purse the first day in the car. I tried embroidering flowers on the front flap, but didn’t like it so I ripped that out. Bill suggested an “M” which seemed like a good idea for a three-year-old’s purse. I did it completely free hand and it turned out ok. I wrapped it up the next morning and now it’s at Maggie’s house waiting for her August birthday.

Two days later I was at a Cubs game, knitting away in the heat at an afternoon game. Hot and sweaty knitting.
This is the view Bill says I was missing.

But I was on a mission to finish my Merino Belt before the end of the game. With one minute to spare, I finished the belt and the Cubs win!

Here’s the beauty shot.

I was able to do a Blaze swatch on the drive to Chicago and I’m still in love with this yarn. Is it weird that I make pleasure noises while knitting? I did only one cable stitch with my new cable needle and quickly decided to learn how to do the cables without a cable needle. Several rows later I got the technique down well. And I really like how this yarn is knitting up too. Did I mention the pleasure noises?

Tonight I’m planning to go to Mosaic Yarn Studio in Des Plaines, Illinois to buy some needles for Blaze and maybe check out some sock yarn for my Sockapaltwoza Pal. Tomorrow’s another driving day, so I’m hoping to finish the Branching Out Scarf by the end of the day. It’s coming along well and I’ve stopped making terrible mistakes. I’m still not sure about the yarn. It’s not as soft as I was hoping, but who wants fuzzy wool wrapped around your neck when it’s 95° and humid.


2 Comments on Hot, Sweaty Knitting

  1. Amy on Fri, 1st Jul 2005 4:42 pm
  2. It’s like I’m there with you! The purse came out beautifully. I’m jealous of all the knitting time you’re getting in the car. How is Ella? Sam says to say hi. I had a quick coffee with Cherie, Jane, and Melissa yesterday and it was like old times (old times of, say, a month ago). Anyway, you are missed. Can’t wait to read more of your yarn adventures.
    PS. My birthday present from my in-laws was a yarn storage center from Container Store! Yahoo!

  3. Johanna on Fri, 8th Jul 2005 8:28 am
  4. Bet you never thought I would write you here. Nice work on the knitting. Happy Birthday to Bill (belated).

    Talk to you soon.


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