Finished Project: Top-Down Raglan Pullover

May 14, 2007 by
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Project Specs:
Pattern: based on Barbara Walker’s Knitting from The Top book
Yarn: Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Worsted in Gold Hill
Needles: US 6 circular needles
Size: just my size, gauge is 4.5 sts =1″
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Well, it turns out I’ve been wearing this sweater since last October. Check out the second photo here as proof. (Plus I never got around to blogging about Rhinebeck.) But it was too short in the sleeves and I’ve been meaning to lengthen it ever since I wore it the first time. Here it’s spring and I gave it its first wash before packing it away for the summer. I just tried in on this weekend when the weather cooled down and it turns out the wash was all this sweater needed. Now the sleeves are plenty long. So I’m declaring this sweater done!

But oh how I wasn’t in the mood for a sweater photo session last night. With my busy schedule these days, I just needed to post and move on. Actually this photo shows off the three things I like least about the sweater. 1) The raglan seams are too long so by the time I divided for the sleeves, I had too many stitches for the body. So I had to decrease quickly to get down to the correct number of sts for my chest. You can see all that extra fabric below my armpit. It looks fine if I keep my arms to my sides. 2) I miscalculated my sleeve decreases so the sleeves are a lot less fitted than what I wanted. 3) The short garter stitch edge on the bottom of the sweater likes to flip up occasionally which is annoying.

But there are lots of things I do like about the sweater. I like the neck. Other than the problems listed above, it basically fits me well. I liked how the colors came out; there was only a little pooling on the sleeves. And the yarn is so soft and hasn’t pilled excessively. And after washing it, the sweater is even softer and now has this nice drape that it didn’t have before. And since this yarn is machine washable, I’ll be wearing it even more than I would otherwise.

I have to say, knitting a sweater from the top down was so much fun. I’ve started a top down cardigan for Bill. I’m not very far, but once I finish up some of the many projects I’ve begun (I count 6 I would really like to finish first), I’ll be able to cruise along on his sweater. Maybe it might even be done before the weather dips below 0°.

I have another incentive for finishing up some knitting projects. This arrived last week, 24″ 8 shafts. I should be bringing it home in the next week or two. Oh boy! Maybe I’ll have some towels done by the end of June.

I had a great weekend. All starting with a Henna party. Check out my fancy feet.

Now it’s time to get ready for work for what should be the beginning of a busy week ending with the giant Tent Sale.


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  1. Sara on Mon, 14th May 2007 4:09 pm
  2. If you can call me fancy pants then I’m calling you fancy feet. So there. ;P

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