Finished Project: Nadine

April 1, 2007 by
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Project Specs:
Pattern: Nadine from Berroco Pattern Book #259 L’attitude
Yarn: Ultra Silk color #6117 Jet. Psst, it’s on sale at WEBS through May 25th!
Needles: US 10
Size: XS
Pattern Alterations: Well, there was a bit of a mistake near the beginning of the pattern. But I’m having a hard time remembering it. I think the first time you’re supposed to cast on 3 stitches and K13, you’re really supposed to K16. Then everything works out fine from there. Unfortunately I was already up to the armholes when I finally discovered the mistake.

This is another project for the store. I actually finished this cardigan a month ago. But blogging isn’t at the top of my list these days. Minus the pattern mistake, this is really an easy pattern. No seaming. Just stockinette. And believe me, this looks much better on a person with arms.


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