New York High & Low

March 26, 2007 by
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We’re back from our New York trip, tired but with lots of great memories. There were museums, yarn stores, the Harlot, and an incredible amount of kids music. But there’s no time to do a complete post right now. I’ll just tell you one high and low from the trip.


Waking up Friday night every hour on the hour to Wallace saying, “Wake up Gromit! Time for walkies.” Not a restful night of sleep. Could not figure out how to turn this alarm clock off. I used to like Wallace. I’m not sure anymore.


Watching Ella play the drum machine for Steve Burns during the Hootenanny. It was incredible watching this girl’s confidence in front of an audience. And it was amazing that she kept going strong all night long, well past midnight.

OK, many more details later. Must get kids to school and me to work.


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