Comfort Knitting

June 1, 2005 by
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I found out this weekend that knitting can be more than frogging and frustration. It can be comforting.

So I decided that I couldn’t live with the bulging, loosely purled row in my Soleil and ripped it back to before the neckline. I’m glad I did it. But Soleil is going very slowly now since I’m being so careful not to purl too loosely. Things are turning out alright though. I’m just about done with the back and about to start the front above the neck divide.

But I had time on my hands this weekend since I was recovering from the stomach flu. But I was not up for the concentration of working the Soleil. Instead I grabbed the Hush yarn I bought at the Webs Tent Sale the previous weekend, soft blues, greens, and purples. I worked a long scarf on big size 13 needles, no gauge to worry about. What a treat from Soleil where the yarn splits often and the size 3 needles are getting tedious. Making this scarf was the equivalent of eating comfort food. I got past the stomach flu, and now I have a very soft and fuzzy scarf too.


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