Finished Project-Mr. Spino

September 19, 2006 by
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Project Specs:
Pattern: Mr. Stegs by Jennifer Thurston of Xtreme Knitting
Yarn: Filatura Di Crosa 501
Needles: US 6 for body and legs, US 4 for sail (I wanted it to stand up.)
Size: 11 1/2″ long, 6 1/2″ tall
Pattern Alterations: a 2×2 ribbed sail instead of a spiny back, and no tail spikes

The dino is for my nephew Ty. While making the dino I was about to give up since the spiny back was not looking good. But then Ella gave me the idea for a Spinosaurus. And now we have Mr. Spino in all of his glory. Mr. Spino must be a meat eater since he seems to be eyeing up some fish for dinner. Also I like the teeth that Grumperina added. So Mr. Spino has teeth too.


3 Comments on Finished Project-Mr. Spino

  1. JessaLu on Tue, 19th Sep 2006 11:39 pm
  2. SO cute!

  3. Erica on Sun, 1st Oct 2006 3:24 am
  4. That is one fine dino you got there! :)

    [...] on time. First up, a quick red scarf (his request) for my nephew Ty. And I’ve made Mr. Spino a scarf to match. Thanks for modeling for me Liam. I know how you don’t like that scrat [...]

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